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5-Minute Hairstyles


We know, we know! On top of the other 100 things us women have to do in the morning, getting our hair to look “presentable” is just another thing on our checklist. All three of us go through this every morning and through some trial and tribulation, we have come up with 9 quick hairstyles that any woman can put together in 5-minutes or less! After figuring out a 5-minute makeup look, the next thing on our checklist was our hair! After all, hair, makeup and attire are the three most important things to make us look (and feel) like we have it together! All you need for these simple styles are a couple of bobby pins and a plain black no damage hair tie (or two).


SIDE BRAID PONYTAIL: We started with a side part (TIP: use a bobby pin to make the part straight). Pin it securely on each side. Take the heavier chunk of hair and make a braid. Pin the braid back with a bobby pin and pull all hair back into a ponytail with a hair tie.


ONE TWIST PIN-UP: Split your hair in the middle. Take a small chunk from the right side and twist it about a quarter way down. Pin it down with a bobby pin and go!


TWO TWIST PIN-UP: Take the other side of the above style and twist the left side as well to tame those pesky fly-aways! (TIP – make sure the sides are pinned at the same level to give it a clean look.)


ONE SIDE PIN-UP: Create a side part (crazy how different you can look with a middle part and a side part, right?!). Pin up the thicker side with a bobby pin, which also does the trick of keeping those bangs out of your face.


THE POOF: Gather your hair from the middle and take it to back of your head. Poof it up and throw in two bobby pins to secure. (TIP – make sure your bobby pins overlap to create a more secure hold.)


SIDE PONYTAIL AND BRAID: With your side part, pull all your hair to the side and fasten into a ponytail with a hair tie. If you want to get a little creative you can also add a braid before tying it and leave some bangs out. (TIP – you can use bobby pins to tuck away the layered hair that comes out of the braid – like in the middle picture)


PONYTAIL WITH A POOF: Create a poof, as shown above and pull hair back into a middle ponytail. Fasten with a hair tie. Sooth fly aways with bobby pins or hairspray. (TIP – If you want to add a little more pizzaz, take a small chunk of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie and bobby pin the end on the underside of the ponytail – makes it look like your hair is holding the ponytail together!)

hairstylesgrid8THE CLASSIC BUN: With the ponytail and poof combo above, twist and roll hair into a tight bun and fasten with another hair tie for a classic style bun.

Tag us in your 5-minute hair-dos that work for you with #runwaysandrattles!!  We’d love to see how you all are keeping it fresh and fabulous!

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