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Work It Girl!


With the weather finally warming up, what girl isn’t obsessed with keeping her body in shape? Well, like you all, we are in the same boat – especially since Sheena and Nina have had kids and Dipti has become a slave to her desk due to her career. We understand that getting started is the hardest part, but once you see those glutes tighten up and that belly flatten out, the motivation naturally follows. It’s always important to keep in mind that a workout alone is not going to do the trick – it takes a very controlled and healthy diet to accompany the process. Read more to see how each of us had developed our own workout and diet regimens and what works for our individual bodies.


Being an attorney, Dipti’s day consists of sitting as a desk for 10 hours a day – basically a death wish for her body!  Her method to maintain a healthy lifestyle is going to Barre classes 1-2 times a week paired with spinning 1-2 times a week.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Barre, it’s a combination of ballet and Pilates with a little mix of cardio and weight training. It’s the perfect total body workout for those who don’t want to (or like Dipti, don’t know how to) use the millions of machines at the gym! Check out some of her favorite moves!





Of the 3 of us, Nina has the least time to fit in workouts. With a demanding full time job and two toddlers running around, she finds herself at the gym once a week (even if that).  Of course she wants to shed that baby weight fast and in a healthy way, but she also wants to focus on her other priorities.  With that in mind, her method is to maintain a healthier diet with less carbs and sugar and more protein and vegetables. When she does get those golden moments to get herself to the gym, her workout consists of tackling every part of her body to ensure she is making the most out of her time. Check out some of her moves.


{bicycle crunches}workN3

{toe touches}workN4

{lunges & squats}workN5


10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 50lbs!!! Yes, you read that right, Sheena gained 50lbs during her pregnancy with her twins. Soon after the twinnies were born came the third munchkin 15 months later. After Saiyan, Sheena realized it was time to make a change – a big change! She was on a mission to lose that extra weight and become fit and healthy again! She started by cutting a carb heavy food item – bread! She paired that with cardio and a circuit workout that she did three times a week (check out the moves below) for 6 months and was able to shed 30lbs! Now that she is closer to her ideal fitness goal, she is maintaining it with regular gym visits and a balanced diet! Her regimen now includes spin class two times a week, a bootcamp class and light weightlifting. Check out some of her favorite moves!

{weight ball circled around legs in crunch position – core workout}workS1{spider push-ups}workS2{dumb bell shoulder lift}workS4{dumb bell row}workS5

{circuit workout}circuitworkout