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Templates for Meal Planning – PART II – A Full Week’s Menu


Spinach and Moong Dal
Spinach and Moong Dal

In Part I of this meal planning series we asked you to write down everything you know how to make. We hope you listened because today we are sharing an ENTIRE week’s menu to make all that meal planning a breeze!! The idea behind Part II and this sample menu is to provide you with a basic template that you can then tweak with all the things you know how to make. So now, take out your list from Part I and download the full week’s menu below – edit it with items you have jotted down in your lists. Feel free to substitute with/ or add non-veg items into any of the meal blocks (you all by now know that we are all vegetarian – so naturally we have vegetarian suggestions).

Indian Veggie Menu
As you will notice in the sample week’s menu, we usually offer milk with every main meal, we try to give other forms of dairy when possible (cheese, yogurt) and we offer fruit at the end of meals as well (especially mango pudding since it is mango season right now! The rule we follow is that the kids can kind of eat whatever they want for lunch during the weekdays, but for dinner and when we are home on weekends, we try as much as possible to offer Indian food. We feel that it is really important to broaden their culinary palates at a young age so that they will be open to trying new foods as they get older. Give this template a try and let us know how you do! And share with us what you have been doing to simplify your weekly meal planning goals @runwaysandrattles.

Links for main meals mentioned above:

Breakfast: Whole Wheat Pancakes / Oatmeal / English Muffin / Scrambled Eggs / Zucchini Muffins

Lunch: Veggie Burger / Mac n’ Cheese / Pasta with Veggies / Uttapam / Quesadilla / Grilled Cheese / Upma with Veggies

Dinner: Mixed Vegetables Poodla (Pudla) / Khichdi & Khadhi / Green Veggie Curry / Bean Curry / Doodhi na Thepla / Idli & Sambhar

Staples: Roti / Dal

Free Template Download:

Full Week Sample Menu (PC)

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