Congestion Relief for our Tots


We always feel awful when our babies are sick with a cold and congestion and can’t breathe properly, especially at night. Of course, we do the basics: steam, vicks vapor rub and salin/nasal suction, but it never seems to subside enough. As always we look to Mommy Vaid for some “Indian remedy” and she always delivers just the perfect one! For congestion (which we feel is the hardest to “deal with”), she suggested Ajmo (also knows as Ajwain Seeds or Aniseed).  Mommy Vaid’s method: take a small piece of cheese cloth and two teaspoons of ajmo seeds. Heat the ajmo seeds on the stove until you hear them popping and see a slight smoke coming up. Quickly put the ajmo seeds in the cloth, bunch it up and put a rubber band around it to make a small “potli” or sack. Once it’s warmed down enough, pat the ajmo potli on your baby’s chest (on top of clothes), while they are sleeping for a few minutes and then leave it in the room, close by, till the morning. The smoke it gives off really opens up their sinus and helps them to breathe easier. Ajmo seeds are also very commonly used in food to better ones digestive system.