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Choker Action – DIY


Now that the weather is amazing, we have found our mojo for trying out new trends and putting our own little twist on them. We are sharing some fun DIYs with the hottest choker trend that definitely won’t break the bank or your creativity storage!

Isn’t it funny, that every “trend” we thought was completely gone from the fashion world from our childhood days, seems to find its way back into our today? Pallazo pants, bell bottom jeans, peplum tops and now chokers! The three of us, especially growing up in the jewelry business, would literally have jewelry boxes filled with chokers (Indian jewelry, fashion jewelry and pearls). We ended up getting rid of most of it once the trend died down and all that Indian jewelry is now melted away. BIG MISTAKE!

With the recent explosion of choker necklaces, we have gotten into them as well.


We absolutely love the hot black velvet choker with and without a pendant on it. It is a gorgeous statement to an evening outfit or even a casual daytime one. We love layering it with a other simple necklaces to give it more character. We got the plain suede one here. The one with the pendant is part of our TriVa collection! Isn’t it a beauty?!?!



For the next three looks, we chose ribbons from local arts and craft stores to create them. This is by far the easiest way to create a choker for any look you are trying to complete. A small DIY tutorial on how to make them is below. We added a sparkly pink stone one with an Indian inspired necklace to jazz up this lengha.



Who doesn’t love lace? This gorgeous lace ribbon was the perfect style to turn into a choker necklace. We used two layers of the ribbon to make it more substantial and give it more dimension. It’s a pretty daytime look to wear to a shower or brunch. The short DIY on this is below as well.



We fell in love with this “rope” style ribbon that had a unique mixture of a bold color and printed rope intertwined. We tried this one in a few different ways. It is more of a casual choker so we paired it with a simple white t-shirt and jeans. We kept it long and wore it hanging in the front, tied in the front, double choker in the front and tied in the back. It is fun to just experiment with one like this and see what fits your look the best.




Below is a quick tutorial on how we made the choker necklaces. We cut the ribbons to the size to fit around the neck. We used a butterfly push pin (brats) to fasten the two ends together.


We hope you enjoyed our little DIY and can’t wait to see how you wear your choker necklace. Do share those pics with us here, on Facebook or any of our Instagrams.

Remember when we wore this gorgeous kundan statement necklace. We will always love rocking a necklace in different ways.