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Chocolate Flowers


Next week marks the beginning of a very special holiday for us – Diwali! We have grown up celebrating this occasion in the most special ways – handing out gifts to local vendors, hosting a large Diwali puja ceremony at our store, Nina Jewelers, and of course, a huge Diwali dinner with all of our closest friends and family.  Over the last couple of years, Mommy Vaid has been trying to branch out in our gifts to the local vendors and last year her and Sheena decided to do chocolate flowers instead of the traditional Indian sweets.  As you all know her love for DIY projects, Sheena prepped all of the chocolate flowers and they were delivered in beautiful arrangements.  It’s a simple recipe with so much love and heart in it that we wanted to share it with all of you and encourage you all to branch out this Diwali season too! Take a look at a step by step guide to how Sheena put the chocolate flowers together! We hope you enjoy and tag us in your own Diwali creations!

chocflowers2Gather your materials (melting chocolate in the colors you need, plastic mold trays, pop sticks and a chocolate melter). I purchased my chocolate, trays and sticks from Candyland Crafts. This place has thousands of mold trays and their chocolate quality is amazing. You can also find them at Michaels.

chocflowers3An alternative to buying a chocolate melter is creating a Double Boiler (especially helpful if you need to have two colors of chocolate melted at the same time). Add water to the bottom of pot number 1 with a ring at bottom. Keep on low heat and let chocolate sit in dry pot to melt.

chocflowers4Once the chocolate is melted, with a spoon pour the chocolate into the molds (make sure to pair the correct color you are using with the flower you want in that color). Insert the stick into the top of the flower and roll so that the stick part that is inside the flower is covered with the chocolate. Shake the tray slightly so the chocolate pours to cover the whole flower evenly. Place the entire tray into the refrigerator for about 8-10 minutes or until the chocolate has completely hardened. Once it has hardened, you can pop the flowers out like ice cubes (gently). Place on wax paper to keep from sticking to tray.

chocflowers5The daisy required a two step process. First put the milk chocolate into the small center and place in refrigerator to harden (this will take about 3-4 minutes). Then pour the yellow chocolate on top and again place in refrigerator to harden.

chocflowers6For our packaging, we bought these small vases, floral foam, marbles (all from Micheals) and hershey’s kisses. Place the foam into the bottom of the vase and then cover with marbles and kisses.

chocflowers7When all the flowers are ready, create your arrangement as you wish and there you are! Embellish the vase with whatever you prefer. We used a ribbon and a butterfly clip to create our look. You can also package in a plastic wrap with a ribbon on top if you would like to gift it closed.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and look forward to seeing you try it. Make sure to tag us at #runwaysandrattles with your own creations.

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