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Baby Ear Infection Remedy


One of Sheena’s twins, Shaan, had chronic ear infections for the first 2 years of his life. It came to a point where they were at the doctors at least once a month and he was prescribed antibiotics every visit. Being the anti-medicine people that we are, she wanted to try something else that may help him. After a lot of research online and talking to several people it was our mom who helped her discover garlic oil drops! Although she did pay a visit to the doctor to be on the safe side, if there was no sign of infection and just redness in his ear she knew that was the start to something that could be worse. Upon discovering the redness, she would start these oil drops immediately. It tackled the ear infection before it got to the point of visiting the doctor and helped for future treatments too! Check out her step by step guide on how to make the garlic oil drops.

She started with the essentials: two tablespoons of olive oil, a clove of garlic and a garlic press.

garlicoildrops2In two teaspoons of olive oil, using the garlic press, she added some shredded fresh garlic in the pot.

garlicoildrops3Let the garlic sizzle in the oil for a couple of minute. Turn off the gas and move the pot on the side to cool down.

garlicoildrops4After it cooled, she strained it and took a few drops in a medicine dropper and dropped one or two drops in each ear and covered with cotton balls for a few minutes. She did this every 4-6 hours and it helped tremendously with the ear infections, sometimes even curing them! She also did this while Shaan was on antibiotics as a supplement to clear the infection. She only stored the oil for a couple of days and then made a fresh batch if needed.

Again, this is our home remedy and we ask that parents always try things with caution.  Ask your health care professionals if they would recommend the same solution for your child and always look out for reactions such as an allergy.

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